In our last article, you can read about day 3  for quitting smoking.

Day 4 

Today you can spend the day without tobacco. Why?

1. Your body was released from poisoned toxins. Your diet has been designed to reduce smoking desire.

2. Your will is now stronger because you made the right decisions.

3. You know what to do and when you want a cigarette. Read points 1, 2, and 3 over and over again. Today you are the “master of the situation“: Start living such a life in which tobacco will no longer be your master. Today you are able to stop the slaying of this dangerous and harmful habit; today you can show the power of your will. Choose to think about something else and throw away the thought of a cigarette forever

I decided not to smoke! “ Let’s continue:

1. Today massage your whole body with a sprinkled cloth today and drink two glasses of water before breakfast.

2. Insert the necessary vitamins, especially vitamin B in the body.

3. Make a special effort to encourage your partner who is trying to overcome this harmful habit.

4. Be aware that you have the power to get rid of the habit of smoking.

5. Refuse to continue to be a tobacco slave and say: “I will no longer be a slave to tobacco smoke.”

6. Say: “I decided not to smoke!”

Did you have a headache? As a symptom of giving up smoking you can there is a headache because tobacco belongs to the family narcotics, and you are now getting rid of that addiction. The desire is still present? Certain spices such as mustard, pepper and horseradish can be activated the desire for cigarettes. Also, desire can be increased by eating rich sauces and unrefined meat.

Cholesterol increases with smoking and with the use of animal fat. During these five days you not only stop smoking but also learn how to reduce cholesterol and the consumption of oily foods. Now you become a new person. Change your lifestyle. Allow yourself any advantage.

Examine how to deal with an unstoppable desire that can arise at an unexpected moment (Unbridled Desire, Day 3).

Reasons for cancellations:

1. With complete cancellation you will avoid cancer, heart attack, pulmonary emphysema, impotence, infertility and premature wrinkling of the skin.

2. Saving money.

3. Get rid of the unpleasant smell. You get fresher breath and taste in your mouth.

4. Becoming an example to others.

5. You have control, not tobacco.

6. You will contribute to a better lifestyle.

7. What is your motive? Smoking in a closed room (passive smoking) is associated with death caused by lung cancer of approximately 3,000 non-smokers every year. “(Surgeon General, Journal of American Medical Assn., 1993)

Exercises, diet, weight Walk. Except for a short walk after each meal, schedule 20 to 30 minutes of special exercise time each day.

You do not have to run. Consult your doctor before switching to a strenuous exercise program.

Weight If your weight is normal, exercise 20 to 30 minutes three times a week it will keep you in shape and help you to tamper with the urge to smoke. If weight is a problem, we will give you more help in the 5th day. Do not forget: Follow the program.

You will succeed! Unique people who lost, are those who gave up. Be prepared for the next day

In the next article you can read about day 5(last day)  for quitting smoking.