In our last article, you can read about day 2  for quitting smoking.

Day 3

You are doing well! You start the third day without smoking.  For some may look like three months but actually only 48 hours passed. You feel like you’re torn up. Do not worry. Within a few days, these and other symptoms will disappear. Have you cleaned your clothes to get rid of the smell of cigarettes? If not, you will begin to feel their smell tomorrow, because your nerves and the sense of smell will return to their normal.

Today’s day is critical, so be careful.

1. Review the plan again.

2.Today, consume more liquid.

3. Enjoy rubbing with a freckled cloth or swimsuit sponge.

4. Make a strong decision “I decided not to smoke today, no matter how strong the drive is.” Avoid major problems: Today in every way avoid the difficult problems. If there is any more difficult problem, look, if possible, by any means, postpone it. Let’s take this advantage: postpone resolving at least for a day or two. Make life as simple as possible.

For breakfast –

Concentrate to have a nutritious breakfast.

– Remember, eat as much fresh fruit as possible and drink fruit juices – rich in vitamin C.

– Include additional B-vitamins from food such as black bread and cereals. Required: After breakfast, go out  for 10 to 15 minutes in the fresh air, in a relaxed walk (you may need to set up the alarm clock half an hour earlier to have breakfast and walk time).

Try your ability to leave cigarettes yourself after a meal. Take the time to control this morning and how much fluid you have drunk. If you drink two glasses of water before breakfast, drink at least another two before lunch from and two on afternoons.

For your partner

It’s much easier to stop smoking if you make an effort every day to encourage someone who also wants to stop smoking. If possible, contact your partner.

Did you know? “Lung cancer has exceeded deaths from breast cancer in women who smoke. “

Unstoppable desire

If it appears now, then you are really in danger. Here is the tried and tested plan for defensive in such critical situations that, if you stick to it strictly, will surely help you:

1. Immediately decide not to smoke in the next two minutes. Tell yourself: “I will not let myself smoke for two minutes.” You can hold it that way!

2. Straight away. Breathe deeply and rhythmically.

3. Quietly tell yourself: “Give me strength, I can do this!”

4. At the end of the two minutes, say, “I decided to spend two more minutes” – and do it.

5. Remember – the drive will start to weaken now. Continue to resist.

6. Make your mind think of something else (for example music, clothes, money, cars, rest)! 

During lunch

Did you notice that the food now has a better taste? Why? Tobacco up to now destroying the sense of taste. You stopped smoking, so your taste buds are gradually recovering. How do you feel? Many physically feel much better over the course these days, because they become aware that they are fighting a dangerous habit and that they are winning. However, some days will be cruel, but persevere and be firm. You will succeed! Benefits 1. My taste and my sense of smell have improved. 2. The desire may be strong, but it does not last long. 3. My partner, friends, and family are proud of me. 4. I have already noticed these things:..

Delighted or depressed?

Your feelings may experience real shock because nicotine attacks them your nerves. Some become depressed when trying to stop, others are astounded. Because your nerves need all the help they can get, breathe deeply, consume water, and avoid nerve stimulants such as coffee and tea. For the healthy functioning of the nerves, take an extra amount of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B and vitamin C. Increase the consumption of cereals and black bread to get more B vitamins, and to receive more vitamin C, let your diet contain fruits, green vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and fresh potatoes. Excess sugar contributes for the loss of vitamin B, so in the next few days, avoid any sweets and desserts. Give your body and your nerves a new chance.

After dinner

1. As usual, it’s time for fresh air and exercises.

2. Prepare for the next session of the 5-day plan. Do not miss it.

3. Have a good night’s sleep.

The mortality of those who ever smoked one or more boxes a day, and which have quit smoking for at least a year, have dropped by half compared to those who continued to smoke. “-The American Cancer Society.  


In the next article you can read about day 4  for quitting smoking.